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A Green Light for APS

Our industry is one which is totally dependent on power but there are still ways that we can reduce the impact we have on the environment. Here at APS, we always think carefully about the implications of our actions with regards to waste, the environment and climate change.

The few simple steps we take, will hopefully help make a difference.

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  1. We use LED lights wherever possible – they use less power and give off less heat. The fact that they are more robust so don’t break so easily is an unexpected bonus!
  2. All our PCs in the office switch to sleep mode automatically after a set time and we always turn them off before we go home at night.
  3. We have recently upgraded to the new Mercedes Sprinters which has improved our fuel economy and lowered our CO2 emissions.
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  4. Everything we transport is carried in flight-cases. This means that we don’t use loads of plastic packing materials.
  5. Any cardboard, paper, metal and plastic waste (from deliveries, old lights etc.) is recycled along with all the waste generated by empty biscuit packets and doughnut boxes!

We don’t consider ourselves eco-warriors, but a little thought about the impact of our actions goes a long way. Happy recycling!


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