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Felix Festival




Within our industry, we often enjoy working with amazing people, sometimes legends! At the very top are very special people who work to save human life without any prejudices, and with truly exceptional bravery and commitment rarely found elsewhere in our world – Bomb Disposal operatives. Yet we can forget that even the bravest need help to cope with the life they lead.

Putting your life on the line, sometimes more than 10 times a day, for weeks at a time, gives rise to immense levels of stress that can have lasting effects, both physical and mental. The Felix Fund is a body which provides support, both financial and therapeutic, to injured and serving personnel who have conducted or assisted with Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) duties across the British Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force or SO15 (Metropolitan Police Counter Terror Unit).

When we were asked by members of the Felix Fund bomb-disposal charity to help organise a fund-raising event and, learning about the crisis in providing adequate welfare for these heroes, APS readily committed our resources to this fantastic cause. We knew we had to do an exceptional job for an exceptional group of people.

Felix Festival
Felix Festival
Felix Festival

Working closely with the charity, event organisers including senior EOD staff, APS was heavily involved in the design and planning, obtaining all event licenses and charitable help from many friends and associates.  After that, perhaps the video below says it all.

We have run the event twice now (2015 and 2017), raising over £40,000 for the Felix Fund.  Whilst APS (with our friends) took responsibility for aspects such as marquees, sound, lighting, power, staging, loos, etc. Without the huge commitment of many others this event would not have become the resounding success it has.  To all those, we salute you and have listed you below!

Covered Occasions, Caravatti Events, Serious Stages (and Boffy), Haines Farm Eggs, Security People, Lanson Champagne, Eurohire Sound PA, Creative Spark, Just Loos, Colin (promo, tickets and signage), The AA, Beer people and, of course, EOD themselves!

A massive personal thank you to everyone who supported the Felix Festival in 2015. We raised approx £25k for the Felix Fund, which is outstanding. That money will go to making colleagues, friends and families lives better, including families of individuals who have been killed or physically or mentally injured carrying out Bomb Disposal duties.

Thanks again and I hope to see you in September.

Capt J Wadsworth CGC RLC


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