Cotton Club

New York Cotton Club

We received a call from our very good friends Covered Occasions (providers of marquees of exceptional quality) who needed our help. They had a client who wanted a party themed around the infamous Cotton Club, a New York nightclub which flourished in the Prohibition years. This was a chance to break out the satin, silk and retro lights to re-create a Harlem night-spot in deepest Berkshire…

The entertainers were all selected to evoke the Jazz era. Musicians, singers, dancers – all as authentic as possible to add to the ambience of the night.

 Cotton Club
 Cotton Club
 Cotton Club

The artistes worked their magic and the guests filled the dance-floor until the wee, small hours re-creating the steamy atmosphere of the legendary Cotton Club.  A night to remember. 

APS designed and delivered all aspects of the lighting, including fully programmed and controlled set-ups to cover the floor shows. (We also did all the power distribution for the event).

Fantastic evening! The attention to detail was incredible and really put the icing on the cake - especially the table decorations and the lighting. Just perfect!


Kirsty McDonald


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